Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Went Awry

The Helen Hunt plastic surgery rumor is not a new one. In 2009 the actress, Helen Hunt, was making headlines and for all the wrong reasons. A photo of the actress was circulating which made her look less than glamorous. Then the 46 year old celebrity was photographed in a bikini looking like an old granny, causing many of her fans to scoff at the authenticity of the photograph. After all, the glamorous beauty that they had grown to love could never look like that! But could she? Helen Hunt was born into a family of entertainers. Therefore, the pressure to succeed in showbiz was even more. Her father and uncle were directors, her mother a photographer and her maternal grandmother was a voice coach. The actress’ first claim to fame was when she was nine years old. She made an appearanc...

Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery – A Perfect Look at Old Age

Bernadette Peters plastic surgery could not have received any different a reception from that which a celebrity deserves. There has been a common trend among celebrities to opt for cosmetic procedures so as to revamp their looks. Pressure from the celebrity scene usually takes a toll on most of these celebrities and as a way of yielding to pressure, end up going under the knife. Just like other celebrities, Bernadette Peters did not receive the thought of aging well. She saw it as a threat to her celebrity profile and a definite minus to her status. At the age of 65, Bernadette believed that she could still regain a youthful look so that she could continue impressing people as well as serve well in her career. It is her youthful and tender looks that has aroused suspicions about the possib...

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery – A Surgical Mistake

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery was comprehensive and life changing. She is said to have undergone so many procedures which in the end turned her overall appearance into someone else. Of course this is not the first case of surgeries gone sour but it is definitely a case to record. Moving from a beautiful and attractive personality, Hunter Tylo who was born Deborah Jo Hunter has made her appearance totally strange. It can be said that it was not her wish for the surgeries to turn the way they did but just like with any other cosmetic process; the results may not be predictable. It could have been caused by an incompetent surgeon or an overestimation of the chemicals used in the process. The fact remains that Hunter Tylo is not the same person people knew before. What Procedures Changed Her Loo...

Did Vanna White Get Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photos

Vanna White plastic surgery is one of the successful cases of cosmetic surgery. She managed to rein in her aging signs and traded them for a youthful appearance. Vanna White is a TV hostess popularly known for her intriguing shows. Out of the pressure to look good and remain young, Vanna White is said to have gone through all lengths to secure an attractive look. Cosmetic surgeries are usually the pick of most celebrities and Vanna White was not an exception. She is human like the rest and clearly desires to look her best. Not all procedures however go well; many of them are botched up leaving the celebrity in a sorry state. This is a fact that Vanna White was clearly aware of and she made a great choice of the surgeon who worked on her. At first, plastic surgery was a preserve of the adve...

The Story of Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Disaster

Donatella Versace plastic surgery could not have been much of a public affair if the celebrity had remained in the shadows of her late brother Gianni. Following the death of her brother, the real Donatella Versace came into the public as a somewhat authoritative fashion designer and celebrity. Looking at her before and after photos, the difference is in the open. She has changed for the worst. Before her plastic surgery, she had such a great appearance that made everyone who came across her, like her from that moment on. Out of the pressure to remain relevant in a fast paced world of beauty and fashion, the celebrity decided to go under the knife. The outcome is what shocked many people as she changed completely giving herself a plastic look that was easy to recognize as a bad surgical pro...

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery – The Ultimate Career Killer

Nikki Cox plastic surgery was the reason behind her downfall. Those who knew her especially from the 90s when she started her amazing career will tell you how lovely and hot she was. Her smile was attractive and by far she was an accomplished and successful actress. Film makers looked at her as one of their favorite cast. She used to play many different roles especially involving hot chicks. All of a sudden, to the surprise of her fans her career took a plunge and it died a painful death courtesy of her plastic surgical procedures. Nothing good can be spoken about Nikki Cox plastic surgery. In fact it is being referred to as freaking and horrible. Though unconfirmed, the recent changes in her appearance have attracted comments from a variety of quarters. Some specialists and experts have e...

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery: Done Modestly With Skill

Mariah Carey plastic surgery is hot news in the media. Her fame when it comes to the music industry has spread far and wide. Many call her their role model while thousands of fans throng events where she is present. By all measures, Mariah Carey is a celebrity who has a huge followership. The expectations of such a status are usually high and at times unreasonable. Many people expect her to be young and good looking all the time forgetting the fact that age also has its roles and its course. Very few celebrities know how to manage these expectations with many of them going under the surgical knife as a way of bowing to the pressure. By looking at Mariah Carey plastic surgery before and after photos, you can easily tell that there has been a significant change in her form and structure. But...

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before and After Pics

Tara Reid plastic surgery is one of the many celebrity surgeries that rarely escape the attention of the media, gossip columnists and celebrity watchers. Having lived most of her life in the public domain, Tara Reid felt the pressure to keep up with the expectations of her fans. The fans expect the celebrities to always look sexy and attractive. These expectations usually make the celebrities to turn to plastic surgical procedures so as to stay attractive and younger. Tara Rid surgery may not be the first among famous actresses but her surgery story has attracted a considerable number of comments from celebrity watchers, gossip columnists and even experts. Many people believe that the reason why the celebrity procured the cosmetic surgery was to accentuate her looks but the outcome was dis...

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is one that has encountered heavy denial from the celebrity herself. She has insisted on several accounts that her face is not unnatural. Interview after interview she has denied the fact that she underwent any surgical procedures despite the clear signs written all over her face. The 30 year old singer has been on the limelight for a better part of her career life. Following the rumors about her surgery, much of her attention has been drawn to her looks as opposed to her career. What are the surgical procedures that Nicki Minaj could have procured? If you are familiar with the concept of plastic surgery and have had an opportunity to see the before and after photos of Nicki Minaj, you would not hesitate to identify specific areas that exude an unnatural appeara...

Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Regarded as the queen and goddess of pop, Cher has had her fair share of celebrity rumors and gossips. Her music career has spanned a number of years and the 66 years old boosts of 5 decades of music under her belt. Just like other celebrities, Cher has also undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks. Being in the entertainment industry, Cher confirms to have yielded to the pressure to remain relevant and attractive so as to move her career on. These are the same “pushy” factors that have as well led to other celebrities down the surgeon’s way. A close look at her face shows some unusual youthful signs that is not expected of a woman at her age. Her skin looks relatively smoother and her frown lines are not as conspicuous. She is too youthful for a 66 year old.

Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Does a celebrity stylist need to go under the knife? Well, if your answer is no, brace yourselves for the Rachel Zoe plastic surgery episode. After working in the fashion industry for about two decades, Rachel Zoe has established herself as a renowned stylist, editor and designer. She has worked with celebrities, magazines, advertising agencies and what not. She is surrounded by glamorous people all the time. Maybe all the glamor and beauty around her has led to the 42 year old opt go under the knife. The designer has been accused of multiples plastic surgeries order to look younger.

Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery seems to have slightly overshadowed the popularity of the Crocodile Dundee actress. Looking at her current photos, critics claim that she no longer looks her old self. Despite the natural effects that come with age, there seems to be something that she underwent which makes her a little bit strange not only in the sight of her fans but the general public as well. If it is cosmetic procedures that she underwent, it seems like it was overdone.

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