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Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery: Done Modestly With Skill

Mariah Carey plastic surgery is hot news in the media. Her fame when it comes to the music industry has spread far and wide. Many call her their role model while thousands of fans throng events where she is present. By all measures, Mariah Carey is a celebrity who has a huge followership. The expectations of such a status are usually high and at times unreasonable. Many people expect her to be young and good looking all the time forgetting the fact that age also has its roles and its course. Very few celebrities know how to manage these expectations with many of them going under the surgical knife as a way of bowing to the pressure. By looking at Mariah Carey plastic surgery before and after photos, you can easily tell that there has been a significant change in her form and structure. But...

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before and After Pics

Tara Reid plastic surgery is one of the many celebrity surgeries that rarely escape the attention of the media, gossip columnists and celebrity watchers. Having lived most of her life in the public domain, Tara Reid felt the pressure to keep up with the expectations of her fans. The fans expect the celebrities to always look sexy and attractive. These expectations usually make the celebrities to turn to plastic surgical procedures so as to stay attractive and younger. Tara Rid surgery may not be the first among famous actresses but her surgery story has attracted a considerable number of comments from celebrity watchers, gossip columnists and even experts. Many people believe that the reason why the celebrity procured the cosmetic surgery was to accentuate her looks but the outcome was dis...

Drew Barrymore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Never Been Kissed Star, Drew Barrymore has said that she is not against plastic surgery during an interview with Elle Magazine. This statement has garnered even more suspicion towards the Drew Barrymore plastic surgery rumors. Rumors abound that the star has had a nose job and a breast lift. Drew made her way into the limelight in a dog food commercial at only 11 months old. At the age of 3, she played the role of Melissa in a Season 7 episode of the Waltons.

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