Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Went Awry

The Helen Hunt plastic surgery rumor is not a new one. In 2009 the actress, Helen Hunt, was making headlines and for all the wrong reasons. A photo of the actress was circulating which made her look less than glamorous. Then the 46 year old celebrity was photographed in a bikini looking like an old granny, causing many of her fans to scoff at the authenticity of the photograph. After all, the glamorous beauty that they had grown to love could never look like that! But could she? Helen Hunt was born into a family of entertainers. Therefore, the pressure to succeed in showbiz was even more. Her father and uncle were directors, her mother a photographer and her maternal grandmother was a voice coach. The actress’ first claim to fame was when she was nine years old. She made an appearanc...

Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery – A Perfect Look at Old Age

Bernadette Peters plastic surgery could not have received any different a reception from that which a celebrity deserves. There has been a common trend among celebrities to opt for cosmetic procedures so as to revamp their looks. Pressure from the celebrity scene usually takes a toll on most of these celebrities and as a way of yielding to pressure, end up going under the knife. Just like other celebrities, Bernadette Peters did not receive the thought of aging well. She saw it as a threat to her celebrity profile and a definite minus to her status. At the age of 65, Bernadette believed that she could still regain a youthful look so that she could continue impressing people as well as serve well in her career. It is her youthful and tender looks that has aroused suspicions about the possib...

Did Vanna White Get Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photos

Vanna White plastic surgery is one of the successful cases of cosmetic surgery. She managed to rein in her aging signs and traded them for a youthful appearance. Vanna White is a TV hostess popularly known for her intriguing shows. Out of the pressure to look good and remain young, Vanna White is said to have gone through all lengths to secure an attractive look. Cosmetic surgeries are usually the pick of most celebrities and Vanna White was not an exception. She is human like the rest and clearly desires to look her best. Not all procedures however go well; many of them are botched up leaving the celebrity in a sorry state. This is a fact that Vanna White was clearly aware of and she made a great choice of the surgeon who worked on her. At first, plastic surgery was a preserve of the adve...

Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Does a celebrity stylist need to go under the knife? Well, if your answer is no, brace yourselves for the Rachel Zoe plastic surgery episode. After working in the fashion industry for about two decades, Rachel Zoe has established herself as a renowned stylist, editor and designer. She has worked with celebrities, magazines, advertising agencies and what not. She is surrounded by glamorous people all the time. Maybe all the glamor and beauty around her has led to the 42 year old opt go under the knife. The designer has been accused of multiples plastic surgeries order to look younger.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jaclyn Smith plastic surgery has attracted a lot of attention. The actor who is known for playing Kelly Garrett in the television series called “Charlie’s Angels” is still considered by many as a stunning woman. Despite her age of 67, she still looks brilliant, beautiful and amazing. Contrary to the beliefs of many that she is aging gracefully, there seems to be something about her appearance that is unnatural. If you look at her images either in movies or magazines, you can tell that the celebrity has changed. There is a possibility that she went through surgical procedures in the hands of good and skilled doctors.

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