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The Story of Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Disaster

Donatella Versace plastic surgery could not have been much of a public affair if the celebrity had remained in the shadows of her late brother Gianni. Following the death of her brother, the real Donatella Versace came into the public as a somewhat authoritative fashion designer and celebrity. Looking at her before and after photos, the difference is in the open. She has changed for the worst. Before her plastic surgery, she had such a great appearance that made everyone who came across her, like her from that moment on. Out of the pressure to remain relevant in a fast paced world of beauty and fashion, the celebrity decided to go under the knife. The outcome is what shocked many people as she changed completely giving herself a plastic look that was easy to recognize as a bad surgical pro...

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery – The Ultimate Career Killer

Nikki Cox plastic surgery was the reason behind her downfall. Those who knew her especially from the 90s when she started her amazing career will tell you how lovely and hot she was. Her smile was attractive and by far she was an accomplished and successful actress. Film makers looked at her as one of their favorite cast. She used to play many different roles especially involving hot chicks. All of a sudden, to the surprise of her fans her career took a plunge and it died a painful death courtesy of her plastic surgical procedures. Nothing good can be spoken about Nikki Cox plastic surgery. In fact it is being referred to as freaking and horrible. Though unconfirmed, the recent changes in her appearance have attracted comments from a variety of quarters. Some specialists and experts have e...

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