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Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Being amongst the most popular models globally and still looking good at 43 years, it’s easy to see why Naomi Campbell plastic surgery is the most speculated topic in the modeling world.

Apart from her beauty, Naomi is also known for her temper and she has been accused of hitting her employees several times but then what sticks to the minds of many is plastic surgery and the big question is has she had various plastic surgeries?

Despite the speculations, only she can confirm this and she has said severally that she fears plastic surgery and would only have it done in case of serious disfiguring accidents. She attributes her great beautiful skin to great genes and further goes to say that her grandma only has a single wrinkle which helps her case pretty much.

Naomi Campbell plastic surgery

Naomi is tired of people claiming she has had plastic surgery and liposuction amongst other things and as a matter of fact she doesn’t view herself as gorgeous and beautiful which is astounding to many of us and leads to the question; has she seen herself?

Naomi says she really cares for her body and that is why she has been able to maintain her beautiful looks. She exercises regularly and does workouts like gyrotechnics, eats healthy food, cleanses and doesn’t drink alcohol. She also does facials and steams often so as to keep her skin’s elasticity.

At the start of her career she says she was advised by her manager to have her lip scar removed but she objected and has still been able to have a successful career. Campbell is fine with getting old and all she is doing is aging gracefully so that she can enjoy herself doing the things she likes.

On the another hand, Naomi has appeared on several occasions looking a little different and in one case her cheeks looked fuller than usual and plastic surgeons claimed that she overdid the surgery and the results were a chubby look. Botox which is used by a large number of women in USA is said to be what she normally uses to fill up her skin nicely and eliminate wrinkles but she denies using it. Many believe that she uses Botox as she doesn’t look super different lately and as its known, these injections take a shorter recovery time.

Naomi Campbell plastic surgery before and after

Naomi Campbell nose job

Compared to other older photos, Naomi’s nose looks well structured with a defined projection and it has been suggested that she got a nose job, but makeup artists will tell you that it’s very possible to achieve such a beautiful looking nose courtesy of makeup and great skills.

In 2008 she stayed in a high end clinic that does plastic surgery for over 4 hours but she said she only had cyst removal. Well it will never be really known whether Naomi Campbell had plastic surgery but at least it’s clear that she lost her hair due to excess usage of weaves and looking at her, it’s almost unarguable that she uses Botox. However she looks great for her age and she feels amazing and that is what really matters.

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  1. You’re so rude the ending of your article is so arrogant ‘she lost hair due to excess usage of weaves’ wearing weaves does not cause you to loose hair. The tone of your article overall sounded arrogant. Do better.


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