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Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Regarded as the queen and goddess of pop, Cher has had her fair share of celebrity rumors and gossips. Her music career has spanned a number of years and the 66 years old boosts of 5 decades of music under her belt. Just like other celebrities, Cher has also undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks. Being in the entertainment industry, Cher confirms to have yielded to the pressure to remain relevant and attractive so as to move her career on. These are the same “pushy” factors that have as well led to other celebrities down the surgeon’s way. A close look at her face shows some unusual youthful signs that is not expected of a woman at her age. Her skin looks relatively smoother and her frown lines are not as conspicuous. She is too youthful for a 66 year old.

Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery Before and After

Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery seems to have slightly overshadowed the popularity of the Crocodile Dundee actress. Looking at her current photos, critics claim that she no longer looks her old self. Despite the natural effects that come with age, there seems to be something that she underwent which makes her a little bit strange not only in the sight of her fans but the general public as well. If it is cosmetic procedures that she underwent, it seems like it was overdone.

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After

Being amongst the most popular models globally and still looking good at 43 years, it’s easy to see why Naomi Campbell plastic surgery is the most speculated topic in the modeling world. Apart from her beauty, Naomi is also known for her temper and she has been accused of hitting her employees several times but then what sticks to the minds of many is plastic surgery and the big question is has she had various plastic surgeries? Despite the speculations, only she can confirm this and she has said severally that she fears plastic surgery and would only have it done in case of serious disfiguring accidents. She attributes her great beautiful skin to great genes and further goes to say that her grandma only has a single wrinkle which helps her case pretty much.

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