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Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery – A Surgical Mistake

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery was comprehensive and life changing. She is said to have undergone so many procedures which in the end turned her overall appearance into someone else. Of course this is not the first case of surgeries gone sour but it is definitely a case to record. Moving from a beautiful and attractive personality, Hunter Tylo who was born Deborah Jo Hunter has made her appearance totally strange.

It can be said that it was not her wish for the surgeries to turn the way they did but just like with any other cosmetic process; the results may not be predictable. It could have been caused by an incompetent surgeon or an overestimation of the chemicals used in the process. The fact remains that Hunter Tylo is not the same person people knew before.

What Procedures Changed Her Looks?

Breast Augmentation

Because of her dissatisfaction with her breast size, the celebrity is said to have opted for a breast implant. Rarely would celebrities be contented with how they look. They would go to any extent to modify their original looks into something artificial.

Hunter Tylo breast implants

Hunter Tylo breast implants

The breast size of Hunter Tylo was slightly smaller before but now it appears much bigger. In fact, people who have observed her closely say that her boobs are much bigger and rounder the Hollywood style. Her cup size has increased evident from the recent photos which expose a much fuller bust.

Cheek Implants

For a person her age, what people would expect to see is slightly collapsed cheeks signaling signs of aging. This is not the case when you look at Hunter Tylo. She appears different with much fuller cheeks making people confuse her with a person in her thirties. It is true that cheeks can be enlarged through eating of some foods but considering the circumstances of Hunter Tylo including age and her previous looks, the only close guess would be cheek implants. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure that her cheeks look plump in a very unattractive way.

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery before and after

Hunter Tylo cheek implants before and after


A nose job would have been the last thing for the celebrity to do. She had a beautiful nose before, well structured and by all standards fitting. According to her perspective however, it seemed out of place and in need of modifications. This was the central reason that she went through the nose job. Well, looking at her nose now, it appears refined especially at the tip and also looks narrower than before. A majority of the people say that this nose structure has changed the way she looks.


Looking shiny and free of wrinkles at the age that Hunter Tylo is looks suspicious. Her skin is tight and youthful pointing to the fact that the celebrity wanted to turn back the hands of time. Through fillers, wrinkles can be eliminated and so are laugh lines. If this is what happened to her then the person who did it was not keen enough.

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery

Lip Surgery

There are also rumors that she went through a lip surgery and by looking at her lips, this could be true. They have changed to what most people would call fish lips.

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery didn’t go well by all measures, it went really bad!

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