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Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery – The Ultimate Career Killer

Nikki Cox plastic surgery was the reason behind her downfall. Those who knew her especially from the 90s when she started her amazing career will tell you how lovely and hot she was. Her smile was attractive and by far she was an accomplished and successful actress. Film makers looked at her as one of their favorite cast. She used to play many different roles especially involving hot chicks. All of a sudden, to the surprise of her fans her career took a plunge and it died a painful death courtesy of her plastic surgical procedures.

Nothing good can be spoken about Nikki Cox plastic surgery. In fact it is being referred to as freaking and horrible. Though unconfirmed, the recent changes in her appearance have attracted comments from a variety of quarters. Some specialists and experts have even referred her surgery as an avenue of exposing her ugly appearance. Nikki Cox has been in the limelight working with a number of TV shows. She is known by many people and her private life is no longer private as it ought to be. Her surgical attempts have generated much debate among her fans and followers.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery before and after

Nikki Cox plastic surgery before and after

It’s a common occurrence to have celebrities going through the surgeon’s wife to change their appearances and enhance their looks. Some of these succeed and others fail. Just as there are different degrees of success, there are also different degrees of failure. Nikki Cox suffered a terrible damage on her appearance courtesy of excessive usage of surgical treatment. Her changed features are so glaring that you don’t need a trained eye for you to spot out the difference.

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Disaster – Surgery That She Opted For

1. Lip Augmentation

Nikki Cox lips before and after

Nikki Cox Lip Augmentation before and after

The celebrity underwent lip augmentation and filling. Chemicals such as Juvederm were injected in her lips making them appear bigger and fleshy. The lips have had a drastic effect because they have changed even her entire face. Her upper lips which are the most affected appear bigger than they were in their before photo.

2. Breast Implants

Nikki Cox breast implants before and after

Nikki Cox breast implants before and after

The size of Nikki Cox breasts has changed. They appear bigger than they were before pointing towards breast augmentation. Just like any other celebrity, her desire was to have breasts that are large enough to fit into her structure. However the person who did the boob job missed some parameters making the output awful. The breasts came out bigger but pushed up. This can be attributed to the use of large silicon pads.

Some of the changes however can be attributed to her weight loss initiatives through diet and exercise.

3. Botox Injections

Nikki Cox plastic surgery before and after

Nikki Cox Botox before and after

It is not only rumored but it is certain that Nikki Cox underwent Botox operation. The results speak for themselves. Her face especially her forehead looks shiny and wrinkle free an aspect that can be attributed to Botox injections and fillers.

The reaction of Nikki Cox to all these allegations has been negative where she has denied all the claims terming them as propaganda and an attempt to assassinate her career. Even with her denials, it’s still clear that she underwent a surgery that did not turn into her favor.

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  1. Whether or not she had any procedures, the wording in this blog is incredibly rude and unnecessarily viscous. I think she is still a very beautiful woman regardless of the changes in her appearance. Although you seem to disagree, the way this is written is very hurtful and although I do not know her personally, I could only imagine how she would feel if she ever read this. I know this website exists to point out what you deem to be bad plastic surgery, but you even said that none of the facts are confirmed and even knowing that, the wording you chose here is shockingly cruel. Shame on you. You are a top notch internet bully.

    • It’s blatantly obvious that she had surgery, fillers and the outcome was a horror show! You only need to have two eyes to see the difference, it’s not necessary to “confirm, ” anything.

  2. I think that she still looks alright


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