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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before and After Pics

Tara Reid plastic surgery is one of the many celebrity surgeries that rarely escape the attention of the media, gossip columnists and celebrity watchers.

Having lived most of her life in the public domain, Tara Reid felt the pressure to keep up with the expectations of her fans. The fans expect the celebrities to always look sexy and attractive. These expectations usually make the celebrities to turn to plastic surgical procedures so as to stay attractive and younger.

Tara Rid surgery may not be the first among famous actresses but her surgery story has attracted a considerable number of comments from celebrity watchers, gossip columnists and even experts. Many people believe that the reason why the celebrity procured the cosmetic surgery was to accentuate her looks but the outcome was disappointing. She became a victim of a bad plastic surgery.

What kind of cosmetic procedures did Tara Reid procure?

Looking at her current appearance and her previous photos, you will notice some subtle differences especially on her tummy and breasts which can largely be attributed to plastic surgical procedures.

Breast implants

Tara Reid boob job

Tara Reid boob job before and after

Tara Reid breast size was comparatively small and she thought that the size was not ideal for her. In a bid to have ideal boobs, the celebrity must have opted for cosmetic procedures. Following the alleged surgery, her breast size increased making it look bigger. However, the breast enlargement operation was not one of the best. Her breasts have become saggy something that has made her even popular than her acting career. Many plastic surgeons have condemned her operation because it must have been done by an unskilled and inexperienced surgeon.

Apart from the fact that her breast augmentation was not done by a competent specialist, what made the matters worse is the fact that she is a smoker. Healing of breast implants requires lots of oxygen and smoking dispossesses a substantial amount of oxygen from your body.

Celebrity watchers and gossip columnists claim that the celebrity went for breast implants because she had uneven breasts. Before the augmentation, her breast size was 34B but now it is into Cs. Though she wanted big Bs, the surgeon who was working on her, overstepped his boundaries and the result was sagging boobs. This should serve as a lesson to other celebrities who are planning to procure cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks. The choice of the surgeon is very critical since he can either help you to enhance your looks or ruin them altogether.


This is another cosmetic procedure the celebrity is rumored to have procured. Looking at her tummy, it is flat and tight. At her age, this could only be possible through the cosmetic surgery.

Tara Reid plastic surgery before and after

Tara Reid liposuction before and after

General Conclusion

What can be said of Tara Reid plastic surgery is that it didn’t go well. The lesson that we can learn from this cosmetic procedure is that you need to have any plastic surgical operation professionally done by an expert who knows what moderations to put in place. Tara Reid is not the only celebrity who has fallen victim to bad surgery.

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  1. Tara Reid is beautiful. It sucks that we live in a world where anyone feels the need to go under the knife to be accepted. If you do it to make yourself feel better, then go for it, but don’t do it for others.

  2. Lay Off The Drugs, and Binge Eating and it won’t make your weight go up and down and harm your body like that. Blame is the easiest word in this Sad, Pathetic World.

  3. Tara Reid looked awesome before surgery. Now she looks gross. It seems there are more bad results from plastic surgery than good results

  4. Her body was perfect before surgery. Breast size was full and good for her body, actually bigger than average. She had the firmest and fullest breasts. This society needs to calm down with breast size, and be able to differenciate what is too big. And celebrities need stop ruining their beautiful bodies.

    • Also, she still looks great after surgery, she just needs to put on some weight. When you loose too much weight is inevitable to look too thin. And she is in great shape specially when she is in her 40’s.


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